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At Dan C Consultants, we’re here to provide results-driven advice on sales, marketing, and operations. As professional consultants with experience and expertise in a range of industries, we strive to stimulate business development by creating strategies ...

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Our experienced and professional team is able to help you find the right strategic solution for your business, including helping to develop sales and marketing programs, advising on digital media, and helping you to identify ways of streamlining your ...
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Need to Know

Need to Know

Who We Are

Innovative, results-oriented business consultants with …
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Consulting Services in the U.S

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Sales and Marketing

Help develop and evaluate sales programs for retail, commercial, e-commerce, catalogue, …
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Advice on all areas of operations Purchasing techniques, including negotiating best deals
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Foreign Corporations

Business development
Assist foreign corporations who want to establish a presence in or build their business in the USA
Identify markets
Guidance on setting up a sales force in the USA
Helping to find distribution in the USA
Assistance with logistics and supply chain management

Selling on QVC

QVC Representation

QVC Representation

Step by Step guide to selling products on Home Shopping Networks such as QVC. 
Evaluation of company products for suitability of selling on-air at QVC TV. 
Determining if products are suitable for QVC.com.
 Presentation to QVC buyers.
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