Business Consulting

Sales and Marketing

  • Help develop and evaluate sales programs for retail, commercial, e-commerce, catalogue, home shopping, and direct response
  • Assess, or help design marketing materials, sales brochures, labelling, product packaging, and advertising programs
  • Evaluate branding as well as input on new brand names, product names, trade names, etc
  • Advise on all digital including, SEO, Social, and E-commerce
  • Input on price structure and margins based upon the industry
  • Advice on hiring, training, and managing a sales force
  • Guidance on relationship management, account presentations and contract negotiations
  • Experience selling to different types of accounts including, Big Box, Large Chain, Dealers, Single Step Distributors, Two-Step Distributors, Commercial, Industrial, Catalogue, and E-commerce
  • Assist with vendor programs including but not limited to: defective goods policy, marketing dollars, coop advertising, rebates, promotions, shipping terms, etc
  • Advice on selling products through Direct Response Marketing (Infomercials), including production, telemarketing, product offer, logistics, and media buys
  • Step by Step guide to selling products on Home Shopping Networks such as QVC
  • Experience and advise in the merits of attending tradeshows including participation, personnel, booth design, promotions, etc
  • Assist foreign corporations who want to establish a presence in the USA, or build their business in the USA
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